The Great Imbalance 

Since the beginning of the world, God's heart and mission has always been to see people from every people group represented in his multi-ethnic family. We see this in Genesis when God blesses Abraham to be a blessing to all nations. And we see this scattered across the Old Testament through countless stories of God's power on display, through the Israelite nation so that the nations surrounding them and the nation of Israel would know that their God was the true God.


And we see this promise ultimately fulfilled in Jesus, who would come through the lineage of Abraham, to bless the world that anyone who would believe in him by grace through faith would be saved.


And in Matthew 28, Jesus himself gave us the Great Commission to go and make disciples of ALL nations. He gave us the mission to extend the message of his grace to the world so that many would come to know him and become his disciples putting the glory of God on display in the world.

A big task, definitely.

And in response, there has been a HUGE effort underway in the world including 400,000 cross-cultural missionaries and over $45 billion dollars given each year to Global Mission Efforts to extend the reach of this good news called the Gospel.


So, the question is: "Why are there still so many Unreached People Groups?"


Today, it's estimated that of those 400,000 cross-cultural missionaries, only 3% of them are going to Unreached people and of the mission's resources, 1% of those are going to focus on reaching the Unreached. 


So that means that 97% of all cross-cultural mission workers and 99% of all world mission funds are going to take the gospel where it's already present.  



And something simply has to change if we want to see some of the most physically and spiritually deprived people in the world today reached with the news of the gospel. 


Please continue along this journey with us so you can see how you can be a part of correcting The Great Imbalance.