The Great Imbalance 

This week we are inviting you to join us in correcting The Great Imbalance by helping resource 100 kingdom business by the end of July.


Each one will help send a worker to the unreached. 


So maybe you’re wondering, "What does a business have to do with reaching an unreached people group?"


Kingdom businesses help local missionaries, who already know the language and culture, get access into an unreached people group while also providing their families with a sustainable livelihood to help them stay longterm. 


In the past few years, our team at Activate and those who have partnered with us to make it possible, have been able to launch over 160+ kingdom businesses among 90+ unreached people groups. 


So when you join this week in helping to resource a kingdom business, you are helping send people like Ali in North Africa (who is operating a local grocery shop that is providing for his family) reach an ancient Berber people group that now has a small church gathering for the first time. 


And by helping resource a kingdom business, you’re helping somebody like Ashif, who is a goat herder, reach an exploited South Asia people group living among tea gardens. Ashif is bringing the love and freedom and joy of Christ to people who have picked 70 pounds of tea leaves everyday for generations.  


When you help provide for a kingdom business, you are sending a person like Fatima, who runs a small tailoring shop, where she is bringing the light of Jesus to a very turbulent place -  a place most missionaries would never dare to go. 


Launching a kingdom business like one of these costs around $1,000.


So whether you want to join in to start a kingdom business with $100 or resource an entire business, or a few, we are eager to see God move through all of us as we come together to resource 100 kingdom businesses all sending workers to reach unreached people groups - helping correct The Great Imbalance.


“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:35-38