The Great Imbalance 

So what is the Great Imbalance?


This phrase refers to facts and percentages, some that can fit onto one hand.


Facts like, “Today, only 1% of all global missions giving is going where the gospel is needed the most. And only 3% of all cross-cultural missionaries serving among the nations are serving among an unreached people group.”


So why aren’t more people focused on reaching the Unreached?


In one word: obstacles.


Obstacles like war, famine, strict anti-conversion laws, spiritual warfare and remote geographic locations, these are just a few.


In fact, according to the Global Peace Index, many of the 7,000 unreached people groups in the world today are located among the most dangerous places in the world today. 


But God is still actively pursuing the nations and calling us to participate  with him in pursuing the nations, even in the hardest places.


At Activate, our team realized some of these challenges early on and committed to some core principles that would position us to serve the Unreached.


The first was: Focus. We always keep unreached people groups the top priority by only investing our time and resources into reaching unreached people groups.


Second: we’re committed to collaboration. We prefer to collaborate with as many local partners as possible. This means partnering up with believers near or among and unreached people groups because they already know the language and culture.


Through local collaboration, we are able to send more workers, remove cultural barriers to the gospel, and help accelerate the work of the gospel at a local level, at an even quicker pace.


Finally, we are committed to empowerment by sending out local workers to unreached people through kingdom businesses.


A kingdom business for the local worker gives them a sustainable and empowering way to take care of their family, while also giving them a viable way to access the unreached community. 


Join us next week as we gather together to see how we can be a part of correcting the Great Imbalance by sending workers to an unreached people group through kingdom businesses.