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The Lost Vs. The Unreached. What's the Difference?

The Lost vs. The Unreached.

What's the Difference?

(and what can we do about it)

Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations (ethne)." -Matt. 28:19 Did you know that right now there are 17,298 unique ethnic people groups (ethne) in the world? A people group is a distinct population who views themselves and "us" and others as "them." They share a common language, culture and traditions. Of these unique groups of people, 42.6% or 7,368 of them are considered "Unreached" to the Good News of Christ! (Jan. 2020) So, what does it mean to be Unreached? I mean, we all know people in our city who haven't been presented with the knowledge of Christ clearly right? Are they considered Unreached? As many missionaries have discovered, there is a clear distinction between those in and around us who NEED a clear opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel and those we call the Unreached. So what is that difference? The answer is simple... ACCESS. We have much to be thankful for that the lost in our communities have Christ-followers living among them, a church family they can visit and scripture available in their language! Praise God! Those considered Unreached, however, have only 2% of their entire population identifying with Jesus in any way. This leaves most of the population with little to no opportunity of ever even meeting a Christ-follower let alone hearing about Jesus himself! Most have no scripture in their language or any type of christian community to go to even IF they wanted to know more! This is why at Activate Global, we help you keep the Unreached the TOP PRIORITY. In fact, all of our ministry efforts on the field are only done among Unreached People Groups. When you partner, you can know that 100% of your focused prayer, learning and giving is fueling the Gospel among the least reached peoples in the world. And what a significant role that is... to join the longstanding mission of God to redeem all people groups for his glory in the nations! This month, let's pray for the 90+ Unique Unreached People Groups we are serving in partnership with our local partners and their Kingdom Business efforts. -The Activate Global Team

Central Asia Team Gears Up

Recently, the Central Asia training team have empowered 4 disciple-makers to start Kingdom Businesses in their country. Soon, these passionate followers of Christ will start; a sheep herd, dairy cow operation, a furniture building shop and a sewing business, all giving them access and personal sustainability as they make Christ known in a large Unreached People Group in their area!

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Argan for the Unreached

Meanwhile in North Africa, Mat & Adriana are serving remote and very Unreached People Groups through media ministry. This month, they are starting an Argan Oil Co. with Activate's help to sustain their ability to reach out to so many! Argan is a business that creates unique engagement opportunities with women in remote and underserved parts of the country as most are restricted by their husbands from leaving their own home/area. Just this month, 3 people from a people group (with less than 20 known believers) have come to know Christ and have been baptized! We praise God for how Kingdom Business accelerates disciple-making among the hardest to reach peoples!

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