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The Kingdom of God is Like... a Fish Farm?

The Kingdom of God is Like... a Fish Farm?

Last year at this exact time, we came together to pray, give and lean into what God was doing in South Asia by partnering in the starting of 14 Kingdom Businesses. From what I can see, when people do whatever it takes to participate in His global mission...He moves to do what we cannot.

Welcome to South Asia

Can you see it? Maybe even hear the auto rickshaws buzzing around the village roads and the kids playing soccer in the rice fields? You're stepping into the shoes of Anar, a local ministry partner who has committed his life to the Great Commission. Anar is a simple church planter & leader in a region of South Asia with many Unreached People Groups and only one word summarizes what it will take to reach them..multiplication! After receiving training in how to share his faith, start small groups, form a healthy church and select other leaders who can do the same, Anar set out on his journey to see Jesus exalted in a spiritually dark place. And while I was processing his life, I couldn't help but think of these words:

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts" Zechariah 4:6 For many South Asian church planters, the practical needs of daily life are a challenge. Most faith communities are not large enough or are not well enough earning to traditionally support their local missionaries. But when the Great Commission mission burns on the hearts of God's people, He always has a way. As his people, our role is to ask

"by what means, Lord?"

Just last year, Anar asked that question which propelled him to join an Activate training where he caught the vision to start an income generating activity that could support his family and fuel the ministry. After graduating and conducting market research, he was inspired to serve the Kingdom of God by means of a fish farm. And together, we said yes! And though 2020 wasn't an ideal climate for a business start-up, the Spirit was at work...because in the midst of a global pandemic, people still needed food. So God, in His infinite wisdom, has uniquely positioned Anar to meet the needs of the community, support his family and sustain the essential work of the Kingdom in a time when so many are looking for hope! Today, Anar oversees 22 house churches in his chain/network and has started 25 additional small group gatherings full of people discovering Jesus for the first time!

It is like the Apostle Paul once said, "I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some." By all means. Let's reach the Unreached.

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