Our Model

We identify and engage unreached people groups with less than a 2% evangelical Christian population.

The participants final project is to share their real life business proposal to their training team leaders and peers.

Then we form strategic partnerships with church multiplication networks, both local and international. 

Over the next 6 to 12 months, participants conduct research, complete homework, and fulfill the obedience-based requirements of the business training.

Successful completion from our program results in a ceremony and certificate of achievement. (Woo-Hoo!)

Training team leaders review the participants ability and readiness for a capital loan based on faithfulness, spiritual maturity, and their business proposal's sustainability. 

Selected participants receive their loans, businesses are started, and most importantly, local disciple-makers have platforms for sharing the gospel. (Business loans vary in each region, average business loans are $1,500.)

Together, we train local team leaders who implement our 4-phase biblical business training in the local language and culture. This process lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

Local believers receive the business training, discovering how business and disciple making among strategic unreached people groups coincide.

We discover mentorship systems with our partnering church multiplication networks so each disciple-maker has the tools and support they need to succeed. 

Our model in 4 Easy Steps


We partner with national and international church multiplication networks to develop a local business training system that can be adapted to the local context and their specific structure/style.


We work together to implement our 4-Phase, Obedience Based, Biblical Business Training with their disciple makers. This process takes anywhere between 6 to 12 months.


Together, we set up local structures for capital distribution and low-interest payback (average of 2%), resourced through Activate and sustained by the local training teams.


After the local disciple-makers go out with these tools, we work with the network to establish mentorship systems for ongoing encouragement, additional support and data recording.

Join the power of missions through partnership!