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In the past 3 years of implementing this collaborative model, we have Seen:


Churches Planted
259 Churches Planted


Active Training Teams

16 Active Training Teams


New Believers 

850+ New Believers
850+ New Believers


Businesses Started


UPGs Engaged

102 UPGs Engaged


Countries Impacted

10 Countries Impacted
129 Businesses Started

Biman lives in Northeast India. After coming to faith in Jesus, he was kicked out of his traditional family home and had been struggling to provide for his wife and children ever since. Even though he had a desire to be in “full-time traditional ministry,” he knew that he was responsible for the well-being of his family. That is when he met our trainer, Adi. Adi was hosting a business training and invited him to join, so he came to check it out. 12 months later, Biman graduated, realized the value of using business as a platform for ministry, and received a loan to start his chicken hatchery.

Now, Biman has 200 chickens that he will sell either fully grown or as chicks to those in his area. He has been most excited about the opportunity to go door-to-door selling chicks which has given him the opportunity to build relationships and share with people he otherwise would have never met. This chicken hatchery is providing the practical needs of his family, blessing the community, and building relational bridges to people who need Jesus!

Biman, Chicken Hatchery - South Asia


“After taking the training, I realized that I could stand on my own two feet as a local pastor and started a chicken farm to support my family and to be an example to my fellowship.”


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